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Victorinox 3 Pc. Kitchen Knives

Victorinox 3 Pc. Kitchen Knives

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If a knife is the most important ingredient in a recipe, this set can handle a cookbook full of them. The 3-Piece Wood Flat Set from Victorinox includes the top three knives a home cook most often reaches for.

The 3 ¼'' Spear Point Paring Knife is great for small precision cuts where control is essential, while the Bread Knife is a a go-to knife for sandwiches and also fruits and vegetables with softer skins. And the 8'' Chef’s Knife requires little introduction due to its all-purpose application and popularity. In short, whether you’re looking to reboot your collection of home kitchen knives or searching for the perfect set for someone just starting out, your search ends here.

Each handle is specially designed to provide a natural fit within the user's hand while minimizing wrist tension and increasing comfort. This knife set will put your company in awe as they take in its beautiful craftsmanship and experience the cutting ease of a high quality knife. Stamped from a single sheet of metal, each blade is made of high carbon, stainless steel that has been hand finished in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen.


Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Type Blade / Serrated / Spear Point
Folding Action No
Handle Construction Modified Maple
Features Kitchen Set
Spear Point Blade Length 3 1/4"
Chef Knife Blade Length 8"
Bread Knife Blade Length 11"


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