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Think Before You Drink Game

Think Before You Drink Game

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The “Think Before Your Drink” Beer Bottle Puzzle is the perfect way to blur the lines between puzzling and partying! Tease your guests by withholding beer (or your favorite liquor) until someone can free the bottle!

This classic disentanglement puzzle uses an ancient brain teaser to keep the bottle under wraps, trapped by a system of ropes and shapes. The goal, obviously, is to free the bottle, and it surprisingly only takes 4 moves! How difficult could 4 moves be? Well, that depends on how badly you want your beer. When you or your guests discover the correct sequence of twists and turns, the top piece will lift up and free the bottle.

Only 4 moves to free the bottle! The parts will move easily and smoothly if you do it the right way. When the parts move in order, the top piece will open to the 4th step. Crafted by hand from high-quality rubberwood so it's Made To Be Reused. Enjoy challenging friends and guests with this puzzle! Imagine attending or hosting a party with a craft beer or fancy liquor in this intriguing contraption.

Guests will be bamboozled and bewildered, and the steep challenge makes the reward even sweeter. Best of all, this puzzle is completely reusable and easy to reset - you or the lucky recipient of your gift can enjoy challenging friends and guests with this puzzle for many years to come.



  • Recommended age 21 and up
  • Difficulty level 3
  • Number of pieces 2
  • Number of players 1
  • Play length 2 hours
  • Dimensions 5.5"x3.5"x3.5" Rope length: 2'
  • Wood type Rubberwood


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