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The Aim Game

The Aim Game

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Aim Up! is a fun family game the allows targets to be elevated and knocked over by flying discs.  It can be played at home, a back yard, the park, or other social events.

RECREATION GAME PLAY – Classic game comes with two sets of flying discs and target stands.  Unique game play can be played outdoors by a single player, or with friends and family.  Game play can even include interaction with the family pet.

COMPETITIVE GAME PLAY – The game can be played anywhere outdoors and competition can be setup for more intense game interaction.  Setup tournaments at the park, birthday parties, church youth groups, school, or at the fair.

THROWING FOR ACCURACY – The target stands can hold different types of objects big and small to help improve accuracy.  The shape of the flying disc allows precise flight and gliding control to perfect your skills.

THROWN FOR DISTANCE – The flying disc has the ability to be thrown very far.  Different flying techniques can be used to fly around or over objects.   With many variations the game is sure to be a long time family favorite.

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