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Secret Box Puzzle

Secret Box Puzzle

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The Secret Box Puzzle can be a fun way to give a loved one a gift! Just put your gift inside the Secret Box Puzzle and watch their brain try to solve it. The size of the Secret Box Puzzle is great for gifts like cash, gift cards or even jewelry. It's a great way to spice gift giving up.

This popular puzzle box requires a bit of cunning and dexterity to reveal the treasure inside. This ingenious trick box makes the perfect gift, or the perfect way to give someone a gift! Try spicing up any small gift (cash, gift cards, jewelry) by placing it inside the box!

You can add an element of humor to every gift-giving occasion and ensure that your gift won’t be forgotten. After you’ve solved the puzzle, you now have a hiding spot for any special objects you wish to keep safe from prying minds and hands. 



  • Recommended age 7 and up
  • Difficulty level 2
  • Number of pieces 2
  • Number of players 1
  • Play length 5 - 15 minutes
  • Dimensions 3.125"x4"x1.5"
  • Wood type Rubberwood


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