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Ofuro (Japanese Soaking Tub)

Ofuro (Japanese Soaking Tub)

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Wooden bathtub is an excellent idea for a dream interior. It matches perfectly with modern minimalism as well as with classic decor. Wood emanates warmth, shape offers full relaxation and harmonious grain texture calms wonderfully. Every bathtub and washbasin has its own, unique character.

We are big fans of the amazing properties of wood. Did you know that scientific studies have found that touching wood reduces stress? The captivating scents of red-cedar and cypress wood aren't their only amazing superpower - the same oils and resins responsible for the inviting aroma are chock full of antibacterial and antifungal molecules that help prevent mildew and decay, allowing us to create soaking tubs that last for decades.

The Ofuro bathing practice differs from North American and European bathtubs, where Ofuro bathtubs are 'Zen' like – providing a sensual pleasure, and a feeling of well-being and harmony with the natural surroundings like a garden or spiritual landscape. Japanese bathtubs help to restore mental and spiritual well-being by providing a private relaxation space, and they promote good health by stimulating circulation.

We believe in combining the best of old traditions and new technology; in making practical, modern products out of natural, sustainable materials like wood in order to connect with human history and the natural world. Doesn't that sound refreshing? Take the plunge - make handcrafted wood a part of your life. 



  • Length: 5 Ft. 
  • Width: 3 Ft. 
  • Height: 2 Ft. 5 In. 

Price Includes Tub Only 


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