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Instant Insanity Puzzle

Instant Insanity Puzzle

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Our Instant Insanity Puzzle is actually three puzzles all in one compact unit, and it certainly lives up to the name!

Think of the puzzle like a broken Rubik's cube - there are four blocks nestled in the wooden holder, and each block has four different colored dots scattered on the various faces. Instant Insanity challenges you in 3 ways, each involving a different combination you can form with the blocks.

The Instant Insanity puzzle is actually three puzzles in one amazing brain teaser! Think of it like a broken Rubik's cube. Using a variation on the color combination match concept of everyone’s favorite apps. Instant Insanity puzzle has three different challenges for you! First, arrange the cubes in a line so that each of the four sides has one dot of each color.



  • Recommended age 7 and up
  • Difficulty level 4
  • Number of pieces 4
  • Number of players 1
  • Play length 6 hours
  • Dimensions 5"x1.5"x1.25"
  • Wood type Rubberwood


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