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Adventure Medical Heat Reflective Poncho

Adventure Medical Heat Reflective Poncho

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Looking for a way to stay warm during an outdoor excursion? Adventure Medical's Heat Reflective Poncho is exactly what you need! Made with thermal bonded seams and wind and waterproof material, this poncho will keep you dry and toasty. Plus, the orange reflective outer helps ensure you'll be seen in low-light conditions. Best of all, the inner reflect 90% of your body heat, so you'll stay nice and warm even on the coldest days.

A great lightweight addition to your backpacking gear, the Heat Reflective Poncho weighs a mere 2.7 oz. and folds up small enough to fit in the side pocket of your backpack. The roomy design can cover you and your pack, making this hooded poncho the ideal ultralight rain gear. Throw this reusable poncho in your glove box for unexpected showers, add it to your emergency gear, or keep it next to your umbrella for warm, full-coverage protection wherever you go. 

Dimensions: 56" x 38". Quiet, no shred material. Full-size integrated hood. Thermal bonded seams. Wind and waterproof. Orange reflective outer. Inner reflects 90% of body heat.



  • Protection from the Elements: Sealed seams and windproof material keep you warm and dry.
  • 90% Heat Reflective: Reflects 90% of your body heat back to you to prevent heat loss and trap warm air.
  • Compact and Ultralight: Poncho weighs just 2.7 oz. and is about the size of a Ramen noodle packet.
  • No Shred Construction: Unlike mylar or polyester, this material is tear resistant and quiet, so it won't shred if nicked or rattle loudly.
  • Roomy Fit: This one-size-fits-all, hooded poncho is large enough to easily cover you and your pack.
  • Mobile Warmth: Move towards safety and be visible to rescuers.

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