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Don't Break It Wine Game

Don't Break It Wine Game

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The Don’t Break It Wine Puzzle is the ideal contraption for celebrations of all kinds! This ingenious device combines the thrill of a brain teaser with the motivational drive of a delicious, alcoholic reward!

As one of our most popular adult puzzles, the Don’t Break It Puzzle uses an ancient rope design to keep a bottle of wine or liquor securely in place. The object is to figure out how to finagle the ropes and shapes so that the bottle comes free. Imagine attending or hosting a party with a sophisticated bottle of wine locked up in this intriguing container.

High-quality handicraft Wooden Wine Rack Brain Teaser Puzzle with a unique ancient brainteaser mechanism that is quite different from all other disentanglement puzzles in our collection. Only 4 moves to free the bottle! How difficult can it be? Well, it's a very tricky puzzle! The puzzle structure will fit any regular size wine or liquor bottle and it can be adjusted to the desired height of the bottle - up to 15" inches in height and 3.5" inches in diameter. The puzzle also comes with a video solution of how to set up and lock the bottle in the puzzle and how to release the bottle from the lock - very helpful if you are giving the puzzle to somebody else!



  • Recommended age 21 and up
  • Difficulty level 3
  • Number of pieces 2
  • Number of players 1
  • Play length 4 hours
  • Dimensions 4.25”x4.25”x10”
  • Wood type Rubberwood


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