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Excel Blades Deluxe Woodcarving Set

Excel Blades Deluxe Woodcarving Set

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Wood handle made from beech wood, polished smooth. Palm tools have a short wooden handle with a smooth round end. These handles are meant to be palmed and offer better control of the tool. These are designed for precision and detail work, where the wood is removed carefully and slowly.

Handle measures approximately 2-1/8” (5.5cm). Shank including the ferrule, measures approximately 3.5” (9cm).

5.75" overall. Wood handle. Includes: Straight chisel; curved chisel; skew chisel, curved gouge; straight gouge; V gouge. Palm fitting handles.



  • Straight Chisel - Double Beveled: Has two beveled surfaces on the cutting edge.
  • Straight Gouge: 3mm bevel with approximate 25° heel.
  • V-gouge: As the name suggests, the tip of this chisel is a v-shape; two sharp edges connected at one end to form an angle. Angle measures 60°. Used for carving or parting.
  • Skew Chisel: Known to be a versatile tool; can be used alone or with a lathe. The name skew chisel refers to the angle of the cutting edge. The longest point is called a toe and the shortest is called a heel. 
  • Curved Chisel: Used for splitting wood with a clean cut. Cutting edge is curved. Sweep: 10-0.4mm
  • Curved Gauge: 3mm bevel, sweep: 10-0.4mm, heel is 25-30°


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