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Bulldog 1,000 Count .20g BB

Bulldog 1,000 Count .20g BB

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The Bulldog 1,000 Count .20g BB airsoft BB size enables it to fit nicely into airsoft weapon inner barrels. This is essential for the accuracy of the airsoft weapon and the flight consistency of the airsoft BB.

Bulldog Airsoft 0.20g white 6mm pro-grade BBs have been designed to optimize the performance of all Airsoft BB Guns including; Co2 Operated, Airsoft BB Guns with Hop Up, Shotguns, Single Shot Rifles, most good quality Entry-Level BB Guns and High End (AEG) Electric Rifles. The inner airsoft gun barrel size is just slightly bigger than the BB dimensions. That way when the BB is fired, less air can get away around the BB and more air pushes the BB out of the barrel. The feet-per-second (FPS) efficiency rate of the airsoft BB is raised as a result.

Precision is the most important factor in high-quality airsoft BBs. Bulldog BBs are 5.95mm + 0.01mm calibrated and have no ridges or imperfections. Designed to maximize the performance of your airsoft guns and pistols. Your favorite Bulldog BBs now come with a re-sealable sturdy tub or bag for easy transportation. Bulldog BBs now the number one selling BB in the world and used by players and gun collectors alike.

Bulldog BBs stand out from the rest, they are calibrated and have a smooth polished surface, with no ridges or imperfections.

  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Designed for professional training & simulation gaming
  • Highest rating in accuracy, grouping, and range
  • Made by the #1 BB manufacturer
  • Quality control during the airsoft BB production procedure must be high to prevent internal air pockets and make sure no defects are present
  • Airsoft BB products need to be top quality (more effective non recycled) which permits BB material consistency
  • The plastic material of the airsoft BB (whether ABS or PLA is utilized) needs to be crafted to prevent chipping, breaking up, or splitting when BBs impact hard surfaces like concrete, wood, or a participant’s airsoft goggles or mask for safety

High quality BULLDOG AIRSOFT airsoft BBs have several design qualities which are necessary to the airsoft BB’s efficiency. 


  • Manufacturer: Bulldog
  • Container: Pouch
  • Pellet rounds: 1000
  • Pellet weight: .20g
  • Pellet size: Consistent 6mm +/- 0.01mm
  • Pellet color: White
  • Attributes: Lab tested Biodegradable, Triple polished, Premium Pro level

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