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12V Compact PCP Air Gun Compressor

12V Compact PCP Air Gun Compressor

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Product Description

Portable PCP Air Compressor
The PCP electric pump is a compact and portable compressor that is suitable directly for nipples of PCP air rifles/pistols and paintball tanks. It is very convenient to fill your PCP air or paintball tank anywhere. The compressor is designed with a professional transformer that can decrease current loss and avoid damage for the pump to increase its service life.
Excellent Design
This PCP air pump is compact and portable, and it is not necessary to add oil and circulate cooling water to reduce the trouble of connecting an additional water pump.
Compact PCP Compressor
The air rifle compressor is designed with a set-pressure gauge and temperature LED screen. It also features the moisture filter, which will be safer.
Professional Transformer
The PCP air compressor is designed with a professional transformer powered from a 220V outlet, and also operates from a 12V car battery.
High-Power Fan
The built-in high-power fan can greatly improve cooling efficiency and make the compressor fill your air .
Fast Connection
This pump has an 8MM quick connector. The inflation nozzle is an 8MM female port, which can be quickly connected and disconnected.
Wide Application
The PCP pump is perfect for PCP air rifles, air pistols, paintball guns, and HPA tanks.


Voltage: 110V AC/12V DC
Power: 300W
Working Pressure: 30MPa/300Bar/4500Psi
Shut Down: Manually
Cooling Way: Built-in Fan
Lubricating Oil: Oil-


1 x PCP Air Compressor
1 x Transformer
1 x 8MM Quick Connector
1 x Repair Kit(vulnerable parts)
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