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11.5" Full Tang Un-Sharpened Steel Japanese Kunai Sai Throwing Knife - Tan

11.5" Full Tang Un-Sharpened Steel Japanese Kunai Sai Throwing Knife - Tan

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Product Summary
An Un-Sharpened Steel Kunai is a traditional Japanese throwing knife, often used in martial arts, training, and for various recreational purposes. The Un-Sharpened Steel Kunai is a versatile and iconic throwing knife, deeply rooted in Japanese history and culture. It's designed for various applications, including martial arts training, cosplay, collector's displays, and safe recreational use. This particular kunai is intentionally unsharpened for safety and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of activities. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this unsharpened kunai ensures longevity, corrosion resistance, and a sturdy build. It closely follows the traditional Japanese kunai design, featuring a pointed, double-edged blade and a tapered handle, reflecting the aesthetics of classic weaponry. Unlike a sharpened kunai, this version is intentionally unsharpened for safety, making it ideal for practice, training, and various recreational uses. The kunai is designed with a well-balanced weight distribution, allowing for precise throwing and target accuracy. This unsharpened steel kunai is perfect for martial arts training, enabling practitioners to hone their throwing techniques, precision, and agility. It's a popular choice for cosplayers looking to recreate characters from anime, manga, or historical settings while ensuring safety during conventions and events. The kunai's historical significance and traditional design make it an attractive addition to knife collections and displays. Enthusiasts often use unsharpened kunai for recreational throwing and target practice, allowing for safe and enjoyable activities. It can serve as an educational tool for demonstrating traditional Japanese weaponry, culture, and martial arts techniques. The Un-Sharpened Steel Kunai offers the allure of traditional Japanese weaponry while prioritizing safety and versatility. Its high-quality steel construction, balanced design, and unsharpened edge make it an excellent choice for martial arts training, cosplay, collection, and recreational use. Whether you're a practitioner, collector, or simply intrigued by Japanese history, this unsharpened kunai is a compelling addition to your repertoire.

Blade Material 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Type Spear Point Blade
Folding Action None
Handle Construction Nylon Wrapped Full Tang Steel
Features Fighting Grip Carrying Loop Handle
Blade Length 5.75"
Handle Length 5.75"
Overall Length 11.5"

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