Wooden Boats



Ausable River Boats were designed with the small craft boater, fisherman, and sportsman in mind. Our boats are known as a type of Punt that were originally designed for use on the river, but with our boats they are equally built to be at home on any smaller lake or body of water: or used as a Dinghy. They are a handcrafted wooden boat that is quality built, stable, and very affordable to all boaters and sportsman. Hand crafted boats are only sold instore and are not available for shipping.







The Brookie is a Auray Punt Tender originally designed by Phil Bolger. A small craft designed boat for rowing or sailing. It can support a small outboard motor. 

Length- 9' 9"

Paylaod/Displacement- Two People weighing up to 310 pounds. 




This is a micro- version of the Auray Punt. This small craft is a rowing boat, which makes for a great Tow-a-long Dinghy behind a medium or larger craft vessel. It can also support an electric motor. 

The Minnow weighs only 29 pounds. It fits in the rear of some SUV's and is also know as a car-topper. 

Length- 7' 6"

Payload/Displacement- One 250 pound person. 

Draft/Freeboard- 7 Inches 





An extremely stable and easy maneuverable kayak built for paddling pleasure and fishing. This kayak was designed to carry one adult or one adult and a small child or dog. It weighs approximately 39LBS

Length- 9'

Payload/Displacement- 300LBS

Draft/Freeboard- 2" - 3"




The Bluegill is an Optimist Sailing Dingy. This dingy is ideal for a single person or single person and small child. The one photographed is made out of fiberglass but is also available in wood.

Length- 7' 8"

Payload/Displacement- 275lbs

Draft/Freeboard- 2-3"





The Decoy is a sneak boat that is intended for duck hunting and utility use. The Decoy is motor ready and is recommended to be used with a small outboard motor or a mud motor with an extended handle for easier mobility. It can also be used with paddles if wanted. Comes with Paddle. This is ideal for one man, dog and gear. 

Length- 13' 5"

Payload/Displacement- 350lbs

Draft/Freeboard- 4-5"



NOW ON SALE!! $1999.00

An English Punt Style River Boat

Length- 15' 8"

Payload/Displacement- 660lbs

Draft/Freeboard- 2"


NOW ON SALE!! $1999.00