2.1 Meter Trout Rod and Reel

2.1 Meter Trout Rod and Reel

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Carbon Fly Rods are significantly lighter than fiberglass fly rods and are also more forgiving to beginner casters and allow for both longer and more accurate casts. In short, Carbon Fly Rods allow anglers to cast longer and more accurately than when using fiberglass rods - and the lighter weight makes a day of casting seem far less fatiguing. Trout  Fly Rods reinforced with Carbon provide improved sensitivity, deliver greater strength, and enhance fishing performance. 

For Trout Fishing the width of the river determines the optimal rod length.  On very small rivers or spring creeks, small fly rods in the 7-foot range are the most effective and most used.  On small to medium sized rivers, an 8-foot or longer rod is recommended. For larger rivers, a 9-foot fly rod is generally used so as to reach the opposite shore line so as to work the trout fly across the width of the river.  . Additionally, these specialized fly rods have recently been designed for people such as float tubers, who sit as much in the water as outside of it. These longer fly rods make it easier to keep the line out of the water - thus making it easier to cast.

CARBON ROD Specifications

  • 5 Telescopic Sections
  • 4 Guide Eyes
  • Weight:                        12 oz or 340 grams
  • Extended Length:          6 ft 10 in or 2.1 M
  • Collapsed Length:         25 in or 0.63M
  • Base Diameter:             0.63 in or 16 mm
  • Tip Diameter:                0.08 in or 2.0 mm
  • Casting Weight:            15-25 grams
  • Handle                          Cork for comfort
  • Black Poly Bag with tie for storage and protection                                 

CARBON REEL  Specifications

  • Construction                 Non Rusting Composite
  • Weight:                        4.1 oz or 119 grams
  • Circular Diameter:         3.5 in or 89 mm
  • Width Diameter:            3.5 in or 38 mm

NOTE: Fly reel does not come pre-filled with any tapered line.