About Us

Ausable River MFG and Outdoors

AOR– also known as Ausable River Outdoors, started a decade ago in Northern Michigan manufacturing and distributing Tobacco, as it still does today. In 2015 our endeavors stretched into manufacturing solid wood furniture until 2018, when we stopped making furniture. Our main manufacturing focus switched into producing sporting goods for Outdoors Enthusiasts. These products include Custom Knives, Wooden Boats, Leather Products, and some other products.

Aside from being NE Michigan’s largest retailer of Brand Name Knives and EDC/Outdoor Gear; we also retail Airguns, Tenkara Fishing Products, Motorized Bicycles, and much more to aid all in their Outdoor Adventures. Most of our products will be offered in our Store Showroom, through this site, on auction sites, and can be found in some other retail locations as well. Our main retail location (Known as the Big Red Barn) and manufacturing business is located in the heart of the Ausable River Valley in Mio, MI. All products sold online or ordered by phone can ship right to your doorstep!