Northern Michigan in the Summer

Spring 2021 Highlights

Spring this year seems to have been a long awaited season here at Ausable River Outdoors. As Memorial Day weekend just passed and the kick-off of our Summer Season is here– we have taken a look back at the last couple of years and reflected on all the changes our company has went through to get to this point.

There is no way that we’d even be here if it wasn’t for the dedicated staff that we have, and the constant learning and skill level that they have provided. For this we say, “Thank you for a job well done!” Through this time– the staff members, as well as Suzie and I, have endured many prototypes of different products, advanced our knowledge on the social media front, added numerous structural changes within our building, and have worked through (as we continue to do) the Covid pandemic that has gripped our society in so many ways. But through it all, the journey has been well worth the effort because we are finally at the point that we aimed for, and we are ready to introduce to you all of our products while greeting you with a smile now that our busy season is ready to commence!

Even though we didn't consider Memorial Day weekend as a Grand Opening (a future date for this will be announced in late summer), we are using it as a practice run to preview our wares and offer many discounts, specials, and giveaways to those that wish to join us in our debut. To those that have been loyal followers on our sites, you probably already know that we manufacture custom knives and carry or have access to over 700 brands of cutlery for every aspect of life from the kitchen to the outdoors. That’s a lot of blades­– especially with all of them being offered at discount pricing! However, not so apparent on our sites, or to the public, is the many other products we carry in our store and showroom; mostly because we haven’t announced or advertised them as much as we have our main product of knives to this point. So let me introduce you to a list of what you will see if you visit us this summer. If any of these products are not on our website yet (, then they will be in the near future!

But before I give you the list, this might be a good time for our readers to take note of the fact that our webpage listed above is the easiest way at the present time to find us on the web. We publically go by the name of Ausable River Outdoors and we also hold the domain of We have noticed that Google searches, as well as some other search engines, sometimes play tricks with listing our store and domain, and we want to make sure you all can find us. We are currently working on this situation and either search should take you to the same exact webpage.

Drumroll please… Here is THE list!

Every Day Carry (EDC) products and other Essential Outdoor Gear – Something for every need.

Air Guns – Many different name brands of BB, Pellet, and Airsoft products, as well as ammo and accessories.

Tenkara - Fishing Rods, artificial Flies and Lures, and Accessories.

Custom Handmade Slingshots and Accessories.

Custom Made Wooden Boats – Our designs or yours

Motorized Custom Bicycles

Custom Leather Work Products

Custom Engraving on Products and Gifts

Design Handcrafted Gift Boxes filled with your choice of products for that “special someone”

As well as many more products for your everyday or outdoor adventure! 

We hope that you can find the time to visit us sometime in the near future to check out our products, but if not, please follow our website and social media pages to take advantage of our products being sold online that can be delivered right to your doorstep. We ‘Make’ Outdoors Fun!! 

– Mark and Suzie

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