Our Custom Knives

Our Custom Knives

AuSable River Custom Knives are exactly that. They start as a variety of cold steels heated and tempered to a precision hardness and cut out to length into several types and/or styles of blade designs such as Needle Point, Spear Point, Kukri Point, Trailing Point, Clip Point, Drop Point, Tanto Point, Talon, Hawkbill, Dao, Nessmuck, Straight Back, Dagger, Sheepsfoot, and Wharncliffe. They are then dressed out in an endless variety of handle materials and finished off to make a beautiful tool that each owner can be proud to own. 

You might have a particular size or style you like or you might enjoy all styles and wish to own more than one. But with any knife of ours you can be pretty well assured it is a one of a kind. Most of our knives, but not all, come with some type of carrying sheath which is usually also custom made. The sheaths are usually made from leather or Kydex, although we also make wooden sheaths. Our folding knives can be accompanied with a belt sheath, or you can choose to just omit the sheath and opt for it being a pocket knife.

Our knives can also be purchased with a custom wooden box for display or gift giving. The quality of our knives will be top-notch and will reward you with many years of service. Possibly the most exciting part of owning an AuSable River Knife is that they are very affordable by today’s market standards in relevance to the quality and artistic value of the knife that is waiting for you.

Please take time to inquire about our knives at your leisure. We would love to hear from you.

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